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March 27, 2010

morocco 2009 pix

by gl. at 8:01 pm

last year my long-time friend and poet-photographer leeann took me on a 3-week photography trip to morocco. it was a great experience, filled with ups and downs, like any epic trip. i am really grateful and amazed i got the opportunity to go. i love trips that are magic and awkward and illuminating and difficult, trips that fill you to the brim with things your eyes have never seen before and trips that make you glad to be home with plenty of hot water.

(p.s.: my recommendation, if you ever go to morocco yourself, is to skip Casablanca and go straight to Chefchouen or Fes. and make time to go to Essaouira, which is a strangely Portland-like city.)

after my mind and body returned to the pacific time zone i arranged for a photo review & presentation at 23 Sandy Gallery. there were photos & poetry as well as candy and ephemera from morocco for attendees to take home. that went really well -- but then the holidays came and i forgot to post anything about it to the blog!

so here are a handful of the >1300 pix i took. i rented a camera and learned a bit about balancing iso, aperture and shutter speed -- which is vastly more than i knew going in. of course there were lots of things i couldn't take pictures of (like my wedding dance in Midelt, or the cutest baby in Imlil) but i hope you enjoy them!

[one of our travel mates in my favorite city, Chefchouen]

[the beautiful blue walls of Chefchouen]

[the Sahara desert]

[the camel i camped with in the Sahara]

[nomads taking pictures of our caravan on their cell phones]

[our guide at Dar Chefchouen]

[a bridal mannequin in the Fes souk]

[dyes in the streets of Chefchouen]

[hand of fatima door knocker in the salty city of Essaouira]

[boats in Essaouira]

[leather dying pits in Fes]

[the Roman ruins of Volubilis]

[a patient donkey in Chefchouen]

[Barbary Apes in the Middle Atlas Mountains]

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