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June 18, 2013

scenes from the 2013 nw animation fest: portland - saturday

by sven at 1:25 am

Usually I write a long article for each NW Animation Festival, reviewing what happened moment-by-moment. This year I've decided to let photos tell the story. Here's part 2 of a 4 part series, which revisits the events of Saturday, May 18.

1. the Hollywood Theatre marquee on day 2

2. introducing our volunteer team to one another and giving instructions for the afternoon

3. the line forms for our afternoon All Ages show

4. that moment of anticipation as the door first opens...

5. the lobby begins to fill

6. Ingrid Carlson's son gets a butterfly girl button

7. Super-volunteer Serin Hale staffs the guest list table. She and Stephen Couchman took care of the lobby the entire weekend!

8. find yourself a seat

9. the auditorium starts to fill up for the All Ages show

10. there's still time to get some popcorn

11. welcoming the audience

12. the trick to avoiding stage fright is to imagine that everyone in the audience is wearing pants

13. sit back and enjoy the show

14. recent graduates from the Art Institute of Portland talk about their work on the film "Bubbles"

15. lobby life: grab a size of pizza from the "Pie Hole," chat about the films, fill out a survey

16. Serin and Gretchin take completed surveys and hand out free butterfly girl buttons as thanks

17. The boy in the orange shirt? His mother says that he's made animated films and wants to work in animation when he's older. (Awesome!)

18. watching Animation Hotline videos in the Hollywood Theatre lobby

19. The break between our afternoon and evening shows... Hanging out, waiting for the pizza to arrive.

20. Kurtis Hough sets up his camera to do some time-lapse photography in the lobby as the evening show gets underway

21. folks purchasing tickets for the Saturday Night show

22. lobby life: buying tickets and popcorn and chatting with filmmakers

23. welcome to the second night of the 2013 Northwest Animation Festival

24. introducing the first film of the night: the charming 2013 Oscar nominee, "Head Over Heels"

25. interviewing Rob Shaw, director of the Portlandia skit, "Zero Rats"

26. animator Justin Connolly discusses his film, "Dance for Your Life, Puny Human"

27. animator David Chai discusses his film, "A Knock on My Door"

28. while he was on stage, David pulled out his pocket camera and got a shot of me and the Saturday Night audience

29. exiting the auditorium

30. turning in surveys, walking a few blocks down the street to Tony Starlight's

31. Patrick Coan performs "New Key of the Ancient Light" at Tony Starlight's Supperclub & Lounge

32. using custom-built software, Patrick improvises music on his piano, which then creates animation in real time on the projection screen

33. the feedback loop of improvisation: from the screen to Patrick's fingers and back again

34. an image from "New Key of the Ancient Light"

35. our Saturday Afternoon team: (front) Serin Hale, Cecilia Nguyen, Thom May; (back) Christina Beard, Becky Steele, Sven Bonnichsen, Gretchin Lair, Stephen Couchman

36. our Saturday Night team: (front) Serin Hale, Becky Steele, Becky Hawkins; (back) Naomi Fish, Christina Beard, Sven Bonnichsen, Gretchin Lair, Thom May, Stephen Couchman

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