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wordwear: what message do you want to send?

I am not currently taking wordwear orders at this time. Kathryn Riechert on Etsy makes beautiful jewelry with letters, however.

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I am a lettersmith who loves calligraphy, letterpress & words in all combinations, so creating wordwear was a natural evolution of my longing for letters. And they're shiny! Who can resist shiny?

Each wordwear piece you see below is just $15 and is crafted from aluminum (.75"x1.5") with copper grommets, hung by a black satin cord with adjustable wrapped slipknots.

In addition to what you see here, I welcome custom orders: I am delighted to think I can help spread your message in such a simple but elegant & powerful way. Custom single tag necklaces & bracelets are $20, while additions or variations (like double tags, small heart or star punches, dog tag chain or magnetic clasp wire) may bring your total closer to $30. Please contact me to begin dreaming!

wordwear is made just for you, so please expect at least a week before shipping. I will contact you when I receive your order and when your order is ready to be shipped. I look forward to making something special for you!

necklace: be the change you wish to see

Our most popular message, "Be the change you wish to see" is a phrase that influences me greatly, every day. One customer bought a dozen of these to give as inspirational gifts throughout the year. (Also available as a bracelet.)

necklace: be bold

A message adopted by the phenomenal Dayna Collins, this message is an inspiration and an undeniable call to action!

necklace: those who wish to sing always find a song

A message of quiet determination and joy. To thine own song be true!

necklace: leap and the net will appear

A message to encourage you to "do the thing you think you cannot do," as Eleanor Roosevelt would say. Take that risk!

necklace: do it anyway

A more direct message to remain determined in spite of all obstacles.

necklace: remember love

Inspired by graffiti I saw in Ashland, OR, this message includes a heart-shaped cutout in the design, which allows your heart to peek through. Particularly appealing when paired with a red wire magnetic clasp loop.

necklace: the stars shine even when we can't see them

I wrote this in a journal. It is a truth that is easily forgotten, both literally & figuratively.

necklace: be aware of wonder

Purple, jaunty lettering suits this necklace with its matching purple grommet. Many color combinations available!

necklace: live well, love well

What other advice is necessary? This necklace would be even more charming with a heart punch.

necklace: brave

The power of a single word can bring light & courage during even the darkest of times.

necklace: hope

For the darkness before the dawn, "hope" gently glimmers here with its simple essence and a rhinestone set into the O.

necklace: expect great things

Believe in an abundant universe. If you expect great things, they will come!

necklace: accept great things

The companion to "Expect great things," this message wants to remind you to say "yes" when those great things occur.

necklace: i am here to be heard

A line from a poem I wrote for my 33rd birthday, this message is perfect for both the boisterous & serene. (Also offered as a bracelet.)

bracelet: i am here to be heard

A line from a poem I wrote for my 33rd birthday, this message is perfect for both the boisterous & serene. (Also offered as a necklace.)

bracelet: passion

With letters that are both deep and spirited, "passion" has an unmistakeable energy & an undeniable commitment.

custom orders
necklace: imagine a cure/type 1 diabetes

For a mother and a daughter, both with diabetes. Each piece is a double-tag necklace, with "Imagine a cure" on the first tag and their diagnosis on the second. I punched a star from the mother's necklace and placed it onto the daughter's necklace in the same position.

necklace: laugh now, cry later

A family motto shared between sisters makes a wonderfully thoughtful brithday gift.

necklace: my other necklace is a diamond

Sometimes silly is better than serious! "Diamond" glitters here with a rhinestone placed in its O.

Hee! We also taught a wordwear workshop at the studio: check out The Strong Silent Type to see what a great time we had!

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