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This is a past event. Participants said they liked the emotional safety and openness of this workshop, along with the great studio space. Participants called this workshop enlightening & clarifying.

Don't Think! Paint!
Theme: Barrier & Resources
facilitated by Vicki Lind
Saturday, November 18, 2006
9 a.m.-2 p.m.
$60, which includes all materials
8 max, so RSVP quickly!

Scarlet Star Studios is very excited to host Vicki's Lind's "Don't Think! Paint!" workshop.

This workshop is for non-painters* who are thinking too much about a stuck part of their lives (careers, relationships, finances, spirituality, etc.). Vicki will help you stop thinking about how to move out of the problem, because painting can reach the non-verbal, intuitive voice that will reveal your strengths. With kind guidance, Vicki's role is to help you ignore that inner voice that asks "How does it look?" and allow you to find the key to resolution.

(*painters may attend if they will park their prior knowledge of art techniques at the door!)

About your guide: Vicki Lind is a career counselor and marketing coach. She helps people engage their strengths, bring them out in the world and prosper! Her creative pursuits include gardening, making crafts and painting.

About the studio: Scarlet Star Studios offers a wide variety of opportunities for art exploration, with instructors who will encourage you to create fearlessly & truthfully in a familiar, safe and inspiring studio environment.

For more details or to register for "Don't Think! Paint!", please contact us! Feel free to forward this opportunity along to someone you think could benefit from the opportunity to resolve a lingering issue in a creative way.

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