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This is a past event. We had a great afternoon of creative companionship, talking about topics we don't normally get to talk about: creating workshops that don't require "widgets," art & soul, certification, useful feedback & recent art therapy legislation, just to name a few topics. There was even an impromptu song about credentials and credibility!

A Meeting of the Muses (originally: Romancing Your Muse)
Sunday, February 10, 2008
1 p.m.-4 p.m.
$15 & a bottle of wine (or whatever you drink on special occasions)

As fellow art advocates who I respect and admire, I would love to invite you to come over to the studio Sunday afternoon to indulge in our mutual love for people & art. You have been specially chosen because you are kind, generous, playful and curious allies representing a wide variety of arts. I want to know you better and I definitely think you should know each other! This isn't "networking," per se, but an opportunity to laugh, love & live it up a little.

This won't be a totally casual gathering; "A Meeting of the Muses" will include divine decadence like wine, flowers, music & chocolate. We deserve to treat ourselves well so that we may continue to give to others with generous hearts. Linda has even loaned me a chocolate fountain! And yes, there will likely be some sort of self-expression project you can play with if you'd like, but if you just want to hang out and share stories, that would be wonderful, too.

a few pictures of the event:

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