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March 9, 2005

LSGL work session #8

by sven at 11:09 pm

Time in studio: 2 hrs 15 min


lavamen enter cave
lavamen enter cave


Well, without "committing" per se, I've started working on part II: the cave's vestibule, and pausing at the "abandon all hope ye who enter here" sign.

Tonight I put together the important still shot where the lavamen transition from the outside world (Photoshop) into the cave environment (LightWave). After I got source material that I liked from LW, I composited this with a pre-existing .psd image. Lots of painting ensued.

"Smudge" is your friend -- but copying and pasting little circles of color can be better, because it maintains texture.

My workflow is going to need tweaking, I suspect. When I save still shots from Viper, I may want to check how they mesh with the lavamen in Photoshop instead of AfterEffects. ...Photoshop's going to become my test environment, I guess.

Next Steps:

posted by sven | March 9, 2005 11:09 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie, movies