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March 8, 2005

LSGL work session #7

by sven at 10:54 pm

Time in studio: 3 hrs



I've been reviewing my rough cuts to date and comparing them to my most recent storyboards. Rather than try to create a new photographic storyboard, as I was doing before, I decided to hand-draw the frames -- for the sake of speed and allowing myself to go in new directions.

Looking at my sketches, it appears that there are going to be about 90 shots in the film. Furthermore, I now see it as being divided into six major sections:

I. Lavamen in painting world

II. Lavamen in LW set - no critters

III. Lavamen and critters, but not overlapping

IV. Lavamen walking within crowd of critters

V. That, plus animating the critters

VI. All that, plus the lavamen and the critters interact

The good news: part II is well within my abilities now -- I could possibly complete it in a week, if I worked hard at it.

The bad news: I've got those dreaded "script problems" with parts V and VI. Basically the end of the movie needs to be reworked, and I'm struggling to figure out what the series of events is going to be.

What I know now: The "boss creature" needs to play a more explicit role in motivating the death of the explorers... The death scene itself needs to be strung out longer -- possibly with more shots of the creatures moving around, possibly with new footage of the actors (trying to use myself as a stand-in for Carl?)... And I've decided that I really want to see the creatures stand up -- not just lean over!

Next Steps:

posted by sven | March 8, 2005 10:54 PM | categories: movies