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May 17, 2005

artist's way open studio (may)

by gl. at 9:45 pm

just me & sven tonight, but we got some good collage out of it, and i even finally got a chance to practice rotunda (spanish round gothic). yum.

(click the picture to see the other art.)

the tiny text is a goreyism: "the Ulp is very very small/it hardly can be seen at all."

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mhcc calligraphy: class 6

by gl. at 4:59 pm

eep! almost forgot to write about the last calligraphy class! we covered versals, which i always love, (especially roman capital versals), and i smiled a little at the juxtaposition of using fluorescent gel pens to create ancient letterforms. we also began spanish round gothic, which also has a wide pen manipulation (from 30-90 degrees), but it's not as schizophrenic as rustics and really has a flow and density that's similar to uncials. i've been jonesing to practice it for the last few days.

we also got to go to the student art show. some very nice calligraphy books and pieces, but the work that really got me was a boxy installation covered with pine boughs, and the inside was red and lit and as huge as a giant's heart. two doorways were flanked with maroon velvet curtains and inside were golden buckets filled with inky blackness and a crack in the ceiling had text i don't remember peeking out.

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masarie open house/create the world

by gl. at 4:03 pm

i already wrote about this on my other blog, but it was mixed in w/ star wars and this is an interesting enough event that it's worth mentioning here in case i ever get around to doing something about it here at the studio.

the "create the world" party was an "open house" of sorts, an all-day event in the raleigh hills area where we talked, ate, and drifted between mini sessions about things people were interested in, like wire-wrapped bracelets, non-violent communication, or ukranian cooking. not that it was as agenda-heavy as a conference, mind you; instead, it was a celebration of passions and discovery, complete with a game room, meditation room, a no talking/reading room, and a treehouse to explore. it's a format i find endearing and exciting, and probably the perfect place for a creative curious introvert like me to meet people.

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