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July 14, 2005 announces "Let Sleeping Gods Lie"!

by sven at 12:55 pm

I should have blogged about this a while back. Craig at (a site dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft Cinema) discovered my film project -- and asked if he could do a write up!

I sent him a bunch of info, and he put together a really nice description on the June 2005 news page. For your convenience (and in case the original page ever disappears), I include the text here. ...But do go look at Craig's site -- it's amazing!

June 14: Let Sleeping Gods Lie

Animation seems to be perfectly suited to H.P. Lovecraft's indescribable horrors, so I was very excited when I stumbled across news of an animated adaptation of "At the Mountains of Madness*". Director/writer, Sven Bonnichsen filled me in on all the latest news for this ongoing production...

Titled, "Let Sleeping Gods Lie", the film was inspired by "At the Mountains of Madness". The story concerns a pair of explorers (deep in the white wastes of Antarctica) who happen upon an unknown cave system. Inside they discover a sleeping hive of ancient, alien creatures -- and their doom.

The project is a work of digital animation with the "elder things" and locations (sets) being rendered with 3D animation software.

The actors will be added later using a form of rotoscoping. The style is described as "Neon-Gothic", which uses hyper-saturated colors. The Scarlet Star Studios production will have an anticipated running time of about 15 minutes.

The two actors (Carl Caputo and Andrew Stout) completed principle photography in Sven's own home, and he notes that they were good sports about being filmed in heavy black winter coats with stockings over their heads on the hottest day of summer...

Sven's first film, "Madness from the Sea" (inspired by "The Call of Cthulhu"), was shown at the 2002 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. He hopes to have 'Sleeping Gods' done in time for the 2006 festival, but may have a teaser-trailer ready for the 2005 HPLFF.

For further information and official progress reports, visit the Scarlet Star Studios blog.

(Thanks to Sven Bonnichsen and Edward Martin III)

[There's also a brief mention of LSGL on the Forthcoming Terrors page...]

Let Sleeping Gods Lie ~ new ~

Producer: Scarlet Star Studios

Directed by: Sven Bonnichsen

Written by: Sven Bonnichsen

Cast: Carl Caputo and Andrew Stout

Plot: Deep in the white wastes of Antarctica, a pair of explorers happen upon an unknown cave system. Inside they discover a sleeping hive of ancient, alien creatures -- and their doom. Inspired by the story "At the Mountains of Madness". Read the story here.

Release date: TBA



Source: Personal correspondence with Sven Bonnichsen.

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