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September 16, 2005

artist's way open studio (september)

by gl. at 1:20 am

tonight's open studio went pretty well. two new people found me via craigslist and joanne was finally able to come -- she even postponed her morning pages today so she could begin them in a newly collaged journal! and she brought tiny tomatoes from her garden, much to our newly discovered tomato-lovin' delight. tonight was the first night it's really felt like fall, with an edge to the air and the moon burning behind quicksilver clouds.

an interesting test of the open studio philosophy: one of the participants used several sheets of my sink-marbled paper and i tried not to panic, reminding myself that supplies are for using and i can easily make more. do i believe in a gift economy? do i believe in abundance? gifts should be given without an expectation of return or monitoring their "best" use. i very much enjoy seeing art made with things i've been saving for years, and that's enough for me. i was glad to struggle briefly with this issue and arrive at a generous conclusion: it doesn't mean that i can't keep some supplies marked exclusively for me & sven, but otherwise i want to place no limits on what can be made at the open studio.

btw, the collage below is more vibrant than this appears. i may rescan it when it's not almost 2 o'clock in the morning. i do like collage night, but the photo & update distribution program keeps me up late.

[pattern from tangle: click to see the other intuitive collages]

posted by gl. | September 16, 2005 1:20 AM | categories: artist's way