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September 16, 2005

tba05: dj spooky

by gl. at 5:29 pm

wow. this is a post that was begun a week ago. well, you know what i've been doing. sven's doing some really neat sculpture things that are very much like his open studio collage but they're not ready to be written about yet, which is why i'm taking up all the talk time here. no, i'm not self-conscious... why do you ask?


paul d. miller, aka dj spooky that subliminal kid, has a very long moniker but gave a relatively short lecture. when it began, it was dense with interesting language and concepts, probably in no small part due to the recent publication of his first book rhythm science, published by mit press.

some highlights and things i wish had been discussed more:

but the last half was essentially a portfolio review: clips with little segue or relevance to anything he had previously talked about. and the q&a was lacking because he wasn't good at actually answering the questions he was asked (except when he was talking about reducing "the band" to just a computer -- when i asked if he missed working with other musicians, he was emphatic: "no. i don't miss babysitting the bass player."). his persona is wonderfully erudite but playful and even kind, though, and i'm still intrigued enough to read a copy of rhythm science should it fall into my hands, or in case cough i buy a copy for cough someone for xmas and read it before i, um, wrap it.

(random: for a dj whose livelihood depends on sampling, i find it ironic that he chose a creative commons license that stipulates no derivative works can be made from his pieces.)

posted by gl. | September 16, 2005 5:29 PM | categories: exhibits & events