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September 15, 2005

psc monthly meeting

by gl. at 5:06 pm

i went to my first portland society of calligraphy meeting monday and was surprised to find only nine people there, including myself and the presenter, who was the president of the group. nine people at the first meeting of the year is not a good indicator of group health, especially when you have about 120 members. sdfc had 89 members, but about half of them were active and came to the meetings, which were a mix of business, lecture & hands-on activities. the summit scribes also had a very vibrant meeting culture.

so we all talked about our summer vacation & then the president showed cool photos of the projects developed & displayed at the legacies conference. portland calligraphers are striking in the way they feel compelled to mention how many degrees of separation they are from lloyd reynolds (who began a calligraphic renaissance at reed) and jacque svaren (one of his students who wrote the orange lettering book that every proper calligrapher must own). the president, who seems both talented & kind, was credited for resurrecting the group from the dead, so i want to give her some credit for rolling the stone up the hill. but if this had been my first group meeting ever, i probably wouldn't return.

i'm hoping next month, which includes a calligraphic supply exchange, is better. plus between now & then, i'll be attending the aocc. and i am hopinghopinghoping that there's enough interest to bring denis brown, one of the calligraphers i simply swoon over, to teach a class.

posted by gl. | September 15, 2005 5:06 PM | categories: calligraphy