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February 9, 2006

unitarian artist's way: reading deprivation

by gl. at 4:34 pm

so the little unitarian group has reached chapter 4, and you know what that means! yes, it's time for reading deprivation! yes, we can still read the artist's way, but other forms of reading (books, newspapers, email, web, the backs of cereal boxes) are off-limits. in my creative clusters we actually go to full-on media deprivation: no reading, radio or tv for a week, which includes music. at that point, i call it "media fasting" because it sounds so much more virtuous. ;) at any rate, reading/media deprivation is designed to let you find out what you make when you're not spending all your time filling yourself with what other people have made.

good timing, too: i have several art deadlines coming up. i am still communicating via email w/ people i know or to accomplish tasks that need to be acted on this week, but otherwise i am ruthless with the delete key on listservs, let the rss feeds pile up, and don't use the interweb as a reference resource. see you in a week!

posted by gl. | February 9, 2006 4:34 PM | categories: artist's way