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February 7, 2006

artist's way status

by gl. at 3:56 pm

neither of the artist's way creative clusters formed this time around, so it looks like i'll have more flexibility to schedule artist's way independent study participants.

i don't think i've mentioned i'm in an artist's way class right now, an 8-week one at the unitarian church downtown. the first night we introduced each other (not ourselves); for a class that is about discovering & recovering your creative self, letting someone else tell your story is like playing a game of telephone, leaving everyone with an impression you did not mean to make. we also filled out worksheets ("soft as a ____").

last week we created a collage (and it reinforced my rule that if you're hosting an art activity, then you should have extra gluesticks on hand!).

[click the picture to see larger]

most people didn't have time to finish their collages, much less talk about them, but this one was mostly finished when someone came over and pointed to the woman in the chair: "are you sad?" "yes," i said. she pointed to the chinese bicycling crowd: "are you feeling lost in the crowd?" "yes," i said. she pointed at the ice-climber: "are you feeling cold?" "actually, no," i said, "that feels like it's about the enormous impossibility and futility of everything."

posted by gl. | February 7, 2006 3:56 PM | categories: artist's way