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June 19, 2006

new brass puppet armature

by sven at 11:50 pm

the new armature

I've just completed a brass puppet armature that improves upon the design of my first, "the Ambassador". No name for this one yet... The Ambassador 2?

Main improvements: Long sandwich plates for the forearms and upper legs, silver solder, rounded corners on the chest and pelvis, longer neck, new foot design.

demonstrating a lean

Here's the mandatory photo showing that the armature can stand on one foot while leaning forward. An armature that can't... Well, what good is it?

(I'm particularly proud of the feet. I came up with a way to do a simple "step-block" joint for the ankles.)

sneaky pose

And here's a pose to show off the armature's ability to communicate character.

It took just over 23 hours to complete this project. I think it's a worthwhile investment. If I'm going to bother with the painstaking art of animation, then I want to have serious control over the puppets that I'm photographing. ...And it just feels good when you pose a well-made armature!


Guest appearance by Percy! ...I made Percy with detachable hands and head -- so he volunteered to add some personality to the new armature during its photo op.

be patient

No specific plans for filming this armature just yet. I'm learning the craft of armature building, and this project was simply the next step for me. ...Doesn't hurt to have a spare armature around, though, now does it?

posted by sven | June 19, 2006 11:50 PM | categories: stopmo