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November 13, 2006

superNOVember - 10

by sven at 10:55 pm

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Today's stopmo progress:

Papagayo is pretty darned quick and easy to use. But it doesn't output X sheets -- only a list of keyframes. Transferring that info to X sheets is annoying. (If someone's really interested in what Papagayo's output looks like, speak up and I'll post an example.)

There's a lot more sound analysis to do... But I figured I should try animating using my new X sheets before spending huge amounts of time to analyze the whole soundtrack.

By the time I got set up in the garage to film, it wasn't going to be long until quitting time -- so I only got out one quick test clip. I'm not happy with the animation. But this marks a turning point: filming has officially begun!

I was thinking that I'd want to do some random test clips with the pups, to get a feel for how they move. Now I realize that I'll probably want to do more than one take for every shot -- so I can work at learning how to make the pups ACT. Thus, I should be shooting every test clip as if I intend to use it in the final cut.

In life news: I wrote a letter to a lawyer regarding my dead dad's probate case (not fun). I got the DMV info I need in order to get the Svan retitled as "reconstructed" (also not fun). I got the estimate on how much it'll cost to tear the closet out in my studio room. I need to follow up with a few questions, then we can schedule.

Oh -- and I watched the first disc of Robot Chicken Season 1. (Ah: FUN.)

Last week I started a push to get some big, difficult, important tasks out of the way. Made good progress. This week I'm basically picking up where I left off.

...I think I'm going to put off the computer upgrade until I'm done shooting this film. I'd like to get the "Quick & Dirty" project done before Thanksgiving -- or at latest, by the end of November.

posted by sven | November 13, 2006 10:55 PM | categories: stopmo