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November 12, 2006

superNOVember - 9

by sven at 10:19 pm

Today's stopmo progress:

One of the benefits of recording your sound first is that it allows you to know in advance just how long your film's going to be. Looks like the Q&D project is going to be about 2min 15sec long. At 15fps, that means I'll need to shoot 2025 still photographs. Heh: Let the countdown begin!

In terms of working "quick and dirty," the soundtrack is probably the part where "dirty" will be most obvious. I've got a lot of hiss in the background... I could probably get it out of the mix if I used the SoundSoap software. I've meant to buy it for quite some time, and will be purchasing soon -- but it goes against the spirit of this project to stop and wait for it now.

Papagayo is pretty intuitive software. But it's also unforgiving. You work on a sound file hierarchically: First you set the frame rate, then you type in the script, then you sync up the sentences with the waveforms, then you sync up specific words, then you sync up syllables. If at any point you take a step backwards in the process, all of the work that falls beneath that level of the hierarchy disappears instantly. No undo. YOUCH!

Trying to minimize risk (and optimize software performance), it looks like I'll be cutting up my soundtrack into short segments: ~15sec each. For my die-hard readers, you can listen to the scratch soundtrack (minus a brief epilogue) by clicking here.

posted by sven | November 12, 2006 10:19 PM | categories: stopmo