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November 7, 2006

superNOVember - 4

by sven at 11:59 pm

SuperNOVember is a month-long event initiated by Shelley Noble. The challenge: take action on your art each day, blog about it daily.

Today's stopmo progress:

The puppets and props refuse to do what I tell them to. The big comfy chair is too small, and there's no way for "son" to look under the cushion. Dropping into the cave from a hole up in the wall is madness; but I could probably have "son" poke in at the very bottom of the cave wall.

(My experience tonight has me worrying for Shelley. In her imagination, she's developed a perfect vision of what she wants to see when she films Halfland. And we all want to see it just that way, too! But what if even when everything is built, the material objects refuse to perform as expected? ...Meh!)

On the positive side, I really got into finding cool silhouettes for the pups. I know that puppet animation needs to be exagerated and stylized to look right... But I discovered viscerally tonight that pushing extreme poses even farther often makes them even better. At one point I tried having "dad" lean forward at a 45-degree angle while yelling at "son" -- and it looked great!

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to cull the photos and assemble a sort of photo storyboard. Not necessarily one that I'll stick with -- but something that shows what kind of story I can tell -- given the physical limitations of the pups, props, and sets that I've got.

In life news, today was election day. Gretchin and I spend most of the afternoon filling out our ballots (Oregon has vote-by-mail). Then, just before dinner, I went out and dropped them off at the Midland public library (a ballot collection site). What a relief to have that done with!

Here's hoping that none of the painfully evil ballot measures pass -- and that all the candidates we elect are merely the lesser of evils!!

posted by sven | November 7, 2006 11:59 PM | categories: stopmo