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February 4, 2007

speed letterpress

by gl. at 11:59 pm

tonight i wanted to see if i could create a "speed letterpress" card in under an hour. i wanted to make a birthday card for a friend before we met her for dinner. this was an incredibly silly idea, considering i have yet to pull a good print from the press. but i thought it would be a noble attempt, and if it worked it would be a grand gift!

it didn't work, of course. it almost worked, but i couldn't get a good imprint: many of the letters on the right weren't printing well, and i didn't really have much time to adjust it before i had to go. the composition was easy & fun, but as usual, the arranging & locking of the form took most of the time. in this case, because it was an irregular block, it was exceptionally difficult to fit the furniture & reglets around the letters so that they would remain flush and firm in the chase. also, i was using one decorative cut that was slightly smaller than the letters.

oh, well. i'm still glad i tried instead of waiting for the next perfect 4-hour block of time, which looks like it won't happen till thursday. the good news is that even though i had to leave the press for about 8 hours with ink still on the plate & rollers, when i returned i was still able to wash it off w/o much fuss, even without citrisolve. it looks like simple green & a microfiber towel will do the trick!

(by the way, bad news: i only have 3 s's in this style, which means i can't actually spell "scarlet star studios"! but i have 9 r's for some inexplicable reason.)

posted by gl. | February 4, 2007 11:59 PM | categories: printing