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February 8, 2007

stopmo play date

by sven at 11:59 pm

Hazel (whom I met at Bent Image Lab) and Eric (who was there, but I didn't knowingly meet) are starting up a new animation club here in Portland. Doesn't have to be stopmo. Next meeting is Feb 27. If you wanna come, talk to me.

Hazel is the first local person I've met who suffers as I do from "the sickness" -- stopmo fever. Getting together to geek out over stopmo tech details? Predestined.

So today she came over; an afternoon of frenetic conversation ensued. She ogled and was boggled by the stacks of stopmo DVDs. I demonstrated the use of the "wiggler" attachment on the mill. And -- praised be the lord (Harryhausen) -- we got FrameThief fired up and did a little animating with The Diplomat.

Here's a person who's got the passion to do great things, given the resources... So I sent her home with a spare roll of aluminum wire, a tube of epoxy putty, some 3" 4-40 threaded rods and knurled nuts. We've scheduled a day for next week when she can come over again, abscond with my laptop, and have the day to herself in the studio practicing the art of breathing graceful life into inanimate pups.

Just lock the door behind yourself when you go. 'K?

posted by sven | February 8, 2007 11:59 PM | categories: stopmo