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June 18, 2007

good google!

by gl. at 11:15 pm

google finally sees us! after over two years of languishing in obscurity as hit 257, a search for "portland artist's way" will finally take you to our artist's way offerings on the first hit -- even though i would have been happy to end up anywhere on the first page. there truly isn't a better artist's way link in portland and it was driving me crazy that we were so hard to find, even falling below a woman who simply used an artist's way quote on her page!

the change probably accounts for a few of the fall inquiries we've had lately, even though we haven't really begun to promote it yet. i am so relieved i can feel myself actually breathe differently. but it's also a little unsettling, because we haven't done anything differently and i worry we'll vanish again as quickly as we rose.

before i realized google had given us a boost, i reformated the artist's way structure this term, too: instead of 12 weeks, we're going to try for 10, beginning with the other portland colleges on the quarter system. i have previously been dead set against changing the length, because i've both taught & taken shorter creative clusters and by the time you finally develop enough trust in the process, the group & yourself, it's over! my goal is to get you to habitualize the process so it maintains some momentum after we stop meeting, and it's harder to do that when it's shorter. but a shorter term will give me a little more time to promote after the summer ends and i hope it attracts more people who find the longer class another hurdle to overcome their creative inertia.

posted by gl. | June 18, 2007 11:15 PM | categories: artist's way