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July 1, 2007

praise for the PLATFORM International Animation Festival

by sven at 11:59 pm

The first PLATFORM International Animation Festival was a triumph.

Understand, this was the premiere of the ONLY major animation festival in the U.S. -- an event of historic importance.

inside the Newmark theater, the largest screen

The organizers did a simply phenomenal job...

The scope of the festival was visionary. It included not only traditional short films, but also animation designed for emerging platforms (hence the festival's name) such as the internet and cell phones. It made a bridge to the broader world of art by including an exhibit of animated installation artworks. And, while looking to the future, there was also honor for animation's history -- embodied by the showing of Snow White (with guest speaker Marge Champion, who was Snow White's movement model) and the earliest feature-length animated film produced in Asia ("Princess Iron Fan", 1941).

people watching cell phone animations, 2nd floor rotunda

The orchestration of the event itself was excellent. The Portland Center for the Performing Arts -- the main venue for the festival -- was beautiful, and well laid-out to accommodate several films running at the same time. Each day's program of screenings (from an attendee's perspective) ran extremely smoothly.

the March Fourth marching band

One organizational choice that I think was particularly brilliant: It's maybe a ten block walk from where the film screenings are to the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where the installation pieces are set up. How do you get everyone from point A to point B? Get the March Fourth marching band to lead everyone there!

street party in front of PCPA

Cartoon Network was the financial force behind PLATFORM -- but the company was remarkably reserved about making its presence felt.

This was a "no logo" event. With the exception of the organizers verbally thanking Cartoon Network for its support, you could easily have missed that the company had anything to do with the festival at all. It was a very classy choice on CN's part. Supporting the animation community without shoving a lot of self-promotion down our throats engendered a lot of good will toward the company. (At least among those who attended.)

Let's hope that all involved see this festival as a triumph, and that it becomes an annual institution. ...I eagerly look forward to attending again next year.

posted by sven | July 1, 2007 11:59 PM | categories: exhibits & events, movies