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August 27, 2007

artist's way creative clusters fall 2007

by gl. at 4:25 pm

yesterday we went to pix for the first "artist's way ice cream social" at pix on division. it's a way to get together members from former artist's way groups with the promise of delicious & unusual ice creams. i had a delicious basil ice cream while others were seduced by the chocolate port fig. (btw, it turns out pix is doing brunch till 2 p.m. again! yay!)

which means summer is drawing to a close and it's a good time to announce the new artist's way creative clusters coming up next month! artist's way is my favorite thing to facilitate; unlike my 1-day events or the classes i host, it allows a unique chance for emotional range and growth over time. it emphasizes making creativity an integral part of of your life, rather than an occasional event. i also love that it works for all forms of creativity, not just visual arts. my goal is to encourage people to make art that is personally meaningful & truthful for them.

this time i made it a 10-week group to fit in better with the public universities' quarterly schedule. the 13-week format has always worked extremely well, but i wanted to remove any other inertias which might be keeping people from joining a creative cluster. but this will certainly keep them on their toes! 10 weeks to explore 10 different arts, 10 weeks to overcome what's keeping you from making more of what you love, 10 weeks to bond with other creative, compassionate companions. i'm really looking forward to it! and i'm thrilled that tuesday morning is already almost full: waiting is always the hardest part. :)

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posted by gl. | August 27, 2007 4:25 PM | categories: artist's way