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November 10, 2008

trillium artisans holiday sale saturday

by gl. at 3:30 pm

this is an event i'm helping to organize for an organization that values art & artists. even if it's still too early for you to think about xmas shopping, look below for a coupon you can use until dec23. you can also use the trillium coupon in your chinook book for additional savings!

holiday sales represent the majority of almost any crafter's income. if you want to have the most direct impact on a person, buying a handmade object benefits you, the creator, and the recipient!


Make this a handmade holiday! Give meaningful gifts this year by supporting low-income artists, your local economy & the planet all at the same time. Meet the artisans, enjoy wine and goodies, and take 10% off your entire purchase!

Giving recycled is twice as nice!

Trillium Artisans
9119 SE Foster Road
Portland, OR 97266

trilliumHolidaySale2008a.jpg trilliumHolidaySale2008b.jpg

posted by gl. | November 10, 2008 3:30 PM | categories: exhibits & events