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February 6, 2011

lipton brisk eminem superbowl commercial

by sven at 10:30 pm

click to see video on YouTube

I helped out on a SuperBowl commercial: an ad for Lipton Brisk Tea, featuring Eminem. Big time!

I built the 8" tall armature for one of two Eminem puppets.

the armature I built

This ad was produced by the San Francisco-based company, Mekanism. Misha Klein directed animation, and Tirsh Hunter was in charge of puppet fab. One puppet was already in progress; my job was to duplicate the original armature, designed by Merrick Cheney.

Understand, Merrick is the living GOD of armature makers. Films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline... If you need impossibly small, strong, and precise armatures, he's the gold standard. I was thrilled and terrified to try working in his footsteps.

Merrick was able to supply the hinges, which was an enormous help. Due to time constraints, Lionel Ivan Orozco made hands (lots of hands). I understand that Ron Cole did the inner workings of the head. Stepblock joints, swivels, body blocks, assembly... That's all me.

The project took me 16 very sleepless days/nights. My speed, accuracy, and design work all just took enormous strides forward.

But during that time, everything else ceased to exist. I got the armature sent off on December 24... Huge thanks to Gretchin, without whom Christmas would hardly have happened at all!

posted by sven | February 6, 2011 10:30 PM | categories: exhibits & events, stopmo