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This is a past event. Participants, some from as far away as Denver & Louisiana, loved getting feedback from each other. They felt the studio was a safe place to express and explore their feelings, allowing them to face their issues in a community of strength & support.

Don't Think! Paint!
Theme: Intentions
facilitated by Vicki Lind
Saturday, January 12, 2008
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
$70, which includes all materials
7 max, so RSVP quickly!

One of our most popular workshops, Don't Think! Paint! will usher in the new year with the theme of Intention. One reason conventional resolutions tend not to work is because they do not come from a deep, integrated part of your knowing. To help you tap the knowledge that lies just below your conscious, we'll create two paintings: the first will capture your intentions in the material/ physical world (from creating a garden to career issues) while the second will focus on intentions in the emotional/spiritual realm.

This workshop is for non-painters* who want to make meaningful commitments to themselves this year. What do you really value? What's true for you? Explore those questions with Vicki as she demonstrates how painting can reach the non-verbal, intuitive voice that will reveal your hopes & dreams. With kind guidance, Vicki's role is to help you ignore that inner voice that asks "How does it look?" and allow you to find the key to recognition & resolution. Check out previous themes in the Don't Think! Paint! series: Barriers & Resources and Releasing/Receiving.

(*painters may attend if they will park their prior knowledge of art techniques at the door!)

About your guide: Vicki Lind is a career counselor and marketing coach. She helps people engage their strengths, bring them out in the world and prosper! Her creative pursuits include gardening, making crafts and painting.

About the studio: Scarlet Star Studios offers a wide variety of opportunities for art exploration, with instructors who will encourage you to create fearlessly & truthfully in a familiar, safe and inspiring studio environment.

For more details or to register for "Don't Think! Paint!", please contact us! Feel free to forward this opportunity along to someone you think could benefit from the opportunity to release a lingering issue in a creative way.

Fine print: Since our events often fill quickly, an RSVP who doesn't show means a missed opportunity for someone else. Half of the cost of a workshop is non-refundable. If you RSVP for a workshop but your plans change, PLEASE give us as much notice as possible to give another artist a chance to play. If we cannot find someone for your spot, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the event.

some intentions painted during this event:

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