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May 27, 2005

on word and art word

by gl. at 11:29 pm

oo! i'm going to exhibit four pieces in the "on word and art word" exhibit at gresham city hall in july! my calligraphy teacher introduced me to the guy who's hanging the show and he said yes! the pieces will be the four i still have framed: "aliya's tree," "blue fish," "tongue far from heart" and "a grace it had, devouring." of these, only "tongue far from heart" will not be for sale. not that i expect them to sell, but "tongue far from heart" is the first piece i executed from a late-night calligraphic epiphany, and it was my first insight into how the artist's way was finally working for me, so i consider it irreplaceable.

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mhcc calligraphy: class 8

by gl. at 11:20 pm

more on blackletter. i still really like it, but it seems too formal for most of the projects i want to make, like something for maya or the commission i'm currently doing for joanne. we also did some dry embossing (stars for me, of course!) & i got samples of silver & copper foil that i missed when i was sick.

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1000 monkeys w/ 1000 typewriter ribbons just make a tangled mess

by gl. at 12:33 am

an exciting day here at scarlet star studios: with some spurious disassembling, sven has managed to replace the typewriter ribbon for the old remington noiseless i have! well, i'm excited. and just in time for the cacophony party, too, if i want to go. but it's great just to get clear, legible letters out of it, and i got a dual-color ribbon, so i can get black and red out of it. oooooooo!

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