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January 29, 2006

now showing: "Experiments in Super8" and "Two Men, One Pair of Glasses"

by sven at 12:30 am

You can finally see the work I did for my Super 8mm Filmmaking class!

click on image to play movie (10.9 MB)

Here's my final project, "Explorations in Super8". It's 3min 14sec in length, so expect a long wait while downloading. Sadly, more image quality was lost when I went from Super8 to DV. Sigh... I knew going into this project that I was working in a lossy medium.

I've previously written in-depth descriptions about how each effect was achieved. You may want to refer back:

Amusing / irritating note: When the film was finally developed, I discovered that in several shots the camera is zooming out. I didn't do that. What happened? There was a knob on the lens that you would rotate to adjust the zoom. While I was shooting, its own weight would cause it to slowly and imperceptibly descend from its initial position -- thus causing the zoom effect!

click on image to play movie (11.5 MB)

As a bonus, here's the "Two Men, One Pair of Glasses" film that Andy Weinstein and I made as a quick in-class exercise. No one else wanted it, so I figured I'd use the reel for practice doing video transfer -- before potentially chewing up or melting my own precious celluloid. This is also 3min 14sec in length.

It's out of focus a lot of the time... Let's you and me say that was intentional: the camera man needed glasses too. ;-)

How did I get the Super8 footage digitized? Here's a shot of me setting up the video transfer. Inside that black box is a mirror, so the light from the Super8 projector can shoot directly into the DV cam. Very fussy work, trying to get everything lined up correctly and in focus. ...And then you turn off the lights.

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