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January 8, 2006

script: mud & metal

by sven at 9:55 pm

Yesterday I wrote a new script. I'm very excited about it... When it was done, I read the whole thing through... and cried! (Of course, I have the benefit of perfectly heartbreaking mental visuals to go along with it.) I used the new story generating strategy a third time, brainstorming ideas as a numbered series. Read them as a text file.

This is the story of a young robot losing the human that takes care of him, told in three acts. ...I say "acts" -- but it's really a short piece, probably four minutes long -- reading more like haiku than theatre. Still, there are three distinct movements: the first is a "gotcha" gag; the second is straight comedy; the third: tragedy. ...I like how the the third act hits just that much harder because you were laughing only a moment ago.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the script:

January 7, 2006

They're a little unnerving
And we're so dependent on them.
What if they rose up against us?
Some of my best friends are human.

Human: After we're gone, you'll still be here
I tried to make you everything I'm not.

Robot: Why? Are you ashamed?

Human: We are... hungry, unhappy, smelly, confused.
People are made of clay.
But you -- metal is immortal.

Robot: I wish I could fart.

I can't always tell
if you're sleeping.
I wait
and I worry
If you die
who will take care of me?

posted by sven | January 8, 2006 9:55 PM | categories: movies, stopmo, writing