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February 4, 2006

mare nubium estates

by gl. at 11:30 pm

i was going to write about this elsewhere, but sven considers this a "creative endeavor" worth blogging about over here:

tonight we went to an "alternative history" party (happy birthday, edward!). since the 20-year challenger explosion commemoration was this week, i ran across an old life photoessay where christa mcauliffe says of her children, "within their lifetime there will be paying passengers on the shuttle." i'm not sure there will be now, but you know if there's a chance, there's someone who will want to capitalize on it. and i've probably been influenced by the number of houses for sale in our neighborhood, so i decided that my alternative history would begin, "what if the challenger mission had completed successfully?" certainly cheesy lunar subdivisions wouldn't be that far off.

so... welcome to mare nubium estates!

[click the photo to see the "for sale" flyer (138k pdf)]

sven photoshopped the picture & i designed the flyer, nametags and sign for the cheese plate ("compliments of luna realty") while sven made them physical. we attended the party w/ more-or-less matching outfits, nametags on our suit jackets, translucent folders w/ flyers to pass out, and a a bowl of adorable bite-sized cheese cut into star shapes. i think people were impressed and a little overwhelmed we had gone through so much trouble. we're no good at socializing at parties so at least it gave us something to talk about. :)

influences: thanks to the lunar republic society, the lunar settlement initiative & the challenger center for inspiration and reference.

posted by gl. | February 4, 2006 11:30 PM | categories: exhibits & events, miscellany