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January 1, 2007

the great escape

by sven at 11:59 pm

click on image to see my film at

Happy New Year!

I'm happy... I managed to complete my film on time for the quarterly "stopmo haiku" challenge at! Click on the image above to see it in the context it was intended for...

Or (in case that link stops working at some point in the future) you can watch the film by clicking here. (6.8MB)

My joke du jour: Can we call this an eleventh hour victory if it was only 10:30pm when I got the film done and submitted?

Very proud.

Here's what I wrote about the film for StopMoShorts:

Armature building's been taking all my attention... So I wanted take a step back and do something more holistic. The idea was to embrace "quick and dirty": go all the way through the film-making process and not get hung up on things being perfect.

When brainstorming story ideas, I latched onto "cave" as a tunnel -- maybe a magical tunnel between places. In terms of animation style, I was inspired by Robot Chicken -- intentionally going for "pop" over "smooth."

The pups are standard aluminum wire armatures, wrapped in thin strips of cushion foam, with heads and hands made from Super Sculpey. The eyes are Van Aken plastilina... One of my weirding-outest moments was when an eye fell off and rolled right down into Dad's mouth.

I shot frames with a Canon ZR45 DV cam... Which (curse its metallic soul) insists on auto-adjusting exposure even when I tell it not to. I used FrameThief for my grabber, 15fps. Sound done in GarageBand, final assembly in AfterEffects.

I actually wrote a script, and then translated it into mumblephonics... Perhaps when I get around to releasing the "director's cut" DVD I'll put together a subtitled version.

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