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January 25, 2008

simultaneous gocco project: winter solstice

by gl. at 5:54 pm

earlier this year shu-ju created the "simultaneous gocco project" for the gocco-printers list. even though i couldn't participate at that point it was so much fun to watch the others contribute that i thought it should be a seasonal event. shu-ju thought that was an excellent idea -- if i managed it. ;)

fortunately, teaching my first gocco class coincided with the next simultaneous gocco project in december, and since i had to create a demo for the class i had an easy way to get involved in the project.

i've always wanted to create cards based on the crest for my family's scottish clan, mckay. my family is very interested in that geneological branch, especially my dad. michael's dad made my dad a stained glass window with the crest a few years ago: it was a huge hit.

[gocco screen and finished card]

these are printed on a faintly patterned, thick card stock with a very light gloss that has not been folded, so they're more like note cards or postcards. in fact, this is from a batch of blank postcards i inheirited from chas when i got his letterpress.

so the only problem is that i had already sent my dad christmas presents by the time i made this and his birthday isn't till october, so i have a long time to wait until i can give these to him. :) still, i'm glad that's an idea that's now out of my head and onto the page.

the next simultaneous gocco print project will be in march. i have no idea what i'll be making yet...

posted by gl. | January 25, 2008 5:54 PM | categories: printing