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July 13, 2011

"mutate" in da vinci days film fest - july 16, 17

by sven at 1:46 pm

My short film Mutate will playing at the da Vinci Days Film Festival this weekend in Corvallis.

It's playing twice, so Gretchin and I will be taking a little vacation to check out the whole affair. It's part of the Animation Block, which will show on Saturday (July 16) at 3:45pm at the Darkside Cinema and Sunday (July 17) at 2:30pm at the Majestic Theatre.

I'm often amused by how festivals re-write my film description. Here's the da Vinci version:

Like an Animal Planet documentary from another dimension, MUTATE reveals the bizarre life-cycles of various alien creatures as they meld, merge, dissolve and evolve in surprising and frequently hilarious fashion.

Not bad. :)


posted by sven | July 13, 2011 1:46 PM | categories: exhibits & events, movies, stopmo