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April 10, 2007

guest animator: hazel malone

by sven at 8:00 am

Hazel Malone is an aspiring animator here in Portland. To help her pursue the art, we've been scheduling time and setting her up with my animation equipment in the studio. Here are the test clips that she's made so far...

click on image to play movie #1 (31 KB)

This quickie was what she did on the first day she came over (Feb 8). That's the Diplomat armature she used.

click on image to play movie #2 (609 KB)

This second clip was done on Feb 12, again with the Diplomat. Personally, I see the influence of the Brothers Quay in the vibrating, flapping arms.

click on image to play movie #3 (136 KB)

The third clip was done on Mar 29, this time with the Man of Steel armature. She described its action as "cowering in fear."

This clip also includes footage of Hazel's first puppet...

Hazel's first puppet (in progress)

I'm very pleased that she found the demo wire armature tutorial I wrote helpful in constructing this. We've had a number of long phone calls, talking about the minutia of puppet fab and where to purchase materials locally.

click on image to play movie #4 (196 KB)

The fourth clip was done on Apr 6, entirely with Hazel's puppet. I'm really charmed by the pup walking off the edge of the animation table.

We're going to have to see about getting these uploaded to the new Puppet Training gallery over at StopMoShorts. (nudge!)

posted by sven | April 10, 2007 8:00 AM | categories: stopmo