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previous events & amusements shrouded in the hazy mists of time, but still enjoyable, nonetheless

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Scarlet Star Studios has offered several types of events, but it's not fair to ask us our favorite! We love them all equally. (Okay, maybe we love the Artist's Way Creative Clusters a little more, but just because we've had more time with them than all the rest. And because they have such a profound, long-term influence on the people who commit to them.)
Artist's Way Creative Clusters, Writer's Harvest (workshop facilitated by Joanne Sigmund)

Artist's Way Creative Clusters, Artist's Way Open Studio (March-December), Summer Solstice Labyrinth Walk

Artist's Way Creative Clusters, Fabulous End-of-Summer August Art Swap, Artist's Way Guided Intent (Safety, Identity, Power, Integrity, Possibility, Abundance, Connection, Strength), Artist's Way Open Studio (every month), Dinnergrrls Holiday Bazaar, Don't Think! Paint! ("Resources & Barriers" workshop faciliated by Vicki Lind), Women's Business Showcase: Holiday Spirit! If Not Now, When? Beginning Your Memoir Today (workshop faciliated by Ann Rogers-Williams)

Artist's Way Creative Clusters, Artist's Way Guided Intent (Compassion, Self-Protection, Autonomy, Faith, Safety, Identity, Power, Integrity, Possibility & Abundance), Artist's Way Open Studio (every month), Discover Your Calling (workshop facilitated by ZigZag), the wildly successful Virtual Open Studio, Beautiful Truth: Creating Art Journals & Altered Books (workshop facilitated by Melanie Sage), the First-Ever Edward Gorey figBASH! (in collaboration w/ gorey details), lecture at the Oregon Cartoon Institute series, Edible Book Tea, Layers of Memory & Imagination (workshop facilitated by Serena Barton), Not Just a Pretty Face (workshop facilitated by Serena Barton), Emergence opening (at The Art of Your Life), the Spring Art Sale (at 100th Monkey), Don't Think! Paint! (Releasing/Receiving: workshop facilitated by Vicki Lind), Blue Moon Blessings (supporter appreciation event), Down to Earth (facilitated at the Mount Hood Arts Cabins), Making Fairy Furniture (workshop facilitated by Bonnie Ward), Muse Talk: art, poetry & dance performances at Fat Straw, "The Great Escape" and "Let Sleeping Gods lie" trailer exhibited at PLATFORM International Animation Festival, Generate, Create, Communicate: Using improvisation & play to unleash the story inside (workshop facilitated by Matt and Toni Tabora-Roberts), "Let Sleeping Gods Lie" trailer premiere at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, Transforming the Dark through Charcoal Alchemy (workshop facilitated by Mark Gundry), 4x4 exhibit curation at the All Oregon Calligrapher's Conference & Can I Tell You Something? participant, The Strong Silent Type: Creating Your Own Wordwear (workshop facilitated by Gretchin Lair and Bridget Benton), Print Gocco Basics at the IPRC

Artist's Way Guided Intent (Connection, Strength, Compassion, Self-Protection, Autonomy), Artist's Way Open Studio (FREE collage night every month), Virtual Open Studio, Don't Think! Paint! (Intentions), A Meeting of the Muses (art advocate gathering), several Print Gocco Basics workshops at the IPRC, Secret Gardens (mosaic workshop facilitated by Shelley Lebel), Writing Your Way to Wellness (weekly art & health series facilitated by Suzette Barakat), two Creative Business Basics classes at the IPRC, a reading at Portland's lovely Zenger Farm, a role in Portland Opera's Fidelio, winning "Best Oregon Costume" at the IPRC "Figures of Speech" Text Ball, planning and staffing the Trillium Artisans Annual Holiday Sale and Portland Development Commission Sale, completing the poetry series "13 moons," fundraising for Trillium Artisans and the IPRC.

The last ever Print Gocco Basics workshops at the IPRC, Starting Your Creative Business at the IPRC, Sustaining Your Creative Business at the IPRC, touring Portland parks with the Original Practice Shakespeare Festival, Creative Business Identity at SCRAP, Trillium Artisans annual retreat, Bridget Benton's Spiral Notebook Necklace workshop, Morocco photo review & presentation at 23 Sandy Gallery

Sven participated in the Fertile Ground Festival, which produced his plays "The Buried Piano" and "The Astronaut and the Nude" at the Portland Center Stage Armory; he also performed in David Holloway's "Egg" as the Voice of God.

Sven wrote & produced "Death of the Party" as a staged reading at the Portland Center Stage Mezzanine as part of the Fertile Ground Festival; Gretchin read stage directions. Sven created the Northwest Animation Festival this year (and a smaller "Best of the Fest")!

Sven created Portland Animation Now! and produced 15 plays for the PDX Playwrights in conjunction with the Fertile Ground Festival. Portland Animation Now! also ran in Eugene at the Bijou Theatre as part of the Cinema Pacific Festival. The main Northwest Animation Festival moved to the Hollywood this year and was followed by another "Best of the Fest" in September.

Gretchin directed March for the Fertile Ground Festival. Sven's Northwest Animation Festival became the largest animation festival in the U.S. this year!

But surely you'd like to know more about our upcoming events, eh?

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